Vloggers: $3.7 Million Hodgetwins

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OMG! Somebody, please give me an idea, so I can plop myself in front of a camera and make a few million dollars. Working a 9 to 5 job will never make me a millionaire. Every W-2 form I have ever filled out was an agreement to make my employer(s) richer and richer while I suffered anxiety the first of every month to pay rent, car note, utility bills, insurance, keep clothes on my back, pay off my car title loan debt, and keep food in my refrigerator. I would sit there for eight to 10 hours, mentally drained, sometimes mentally abused, just frustrated and conflicted. I gave my employer the power to dictate my time, my survival, my destiny, and, more importantly, my worth. However, it was not my employer’s fault that I had not come up with an idea, like he or she did, to make myself millions of dollars to change my circumstance.

Many people can relate to this feeling. And often times when we feel this way, we find ourselves escaping for a few minutes into space – cyberspace that is. If your slave driver of a supervisor hasn’t blocked you from Facebook, Periscope, or YouTube, turning to a distraction sometimes snaps you out of your funk and confusion and gets you inspired to finish your work again. If I was able to open YouTube in my jail cell of a cubicle, I enjoyed watching everyday people like me sitting in their living room just venting and having fun in front of their cell phone camera. My favorite YouTube channel to watch was the HodgeTwins. I had heard through friends of mine who are social media gurus that these two young men in their 30s were making a ton of money on YouTube. I did some research and I was absolutely floored!

If you have not checked out the Hodgetwins and you do not believe that just any Larry, Moe, and Curly can make millions by filming themselves at home talking crap to a camera, I suggest you give a look-see into Keith and Kevin Hodge to witness with your own eyes. I was tuning into the Hodgetwins because they are very attractive to look at. Six foot three Black identical twin males with gorgeous green eyes, amazing body-building bodies, and humor that will have you in tears rolling on the floor, it is no wonder they have three YouTube channels each with over a million subscribers. Men tune in to watch the Hodgetwins channel TwinMuscleWorkout for weight training tips to build bigger, as they like to put it in their deep voices, “gainz”. They demonstrate workout techniques and take their viewers on field trips to different fast food restaurants to try what is supposedly healthy on the menu. While eating their order in the car, talking with their mouths full, they give their comical review of the food.

Men and women both tune in to their channel AskHodgeTwins where their fans get to write in a question to receive advice from the muscle-bound brothers. Referring to women’s vaginas as “sugar walls”, watching them give advice is a must-see that you will shamefully not want to turn away from. The third channel, the one I usually watch, is simply titled TheHodgeTwins. They are just giving commentary into the camera about whatever is going on in the news somewhere in the world.

Coming from a land of broke on the west coast, struggling to take care of their families, the Hodgetwins took what they do naturally, talking crazy to each other, and turned it into a franchise where they have made millions on their own workout apparel, paid public appearances, and advertisement sponsors. They never saw it coming, but they sure did capitalize on it.

Their earnings were reported at an amazing $3.7 million. I applaud and tip my hat to them because they had an idea and ran like the wind with it. No longer financially challenged, the twins moved their wives and children to Virginia to beautiful spacious homes with acres of land. Seeing as how they started filming several years ago in what looked to be some small, dingy low-rent apartment with baskets of dirty laundry sitting in the background, I would definitely call them a rag-to-riches story. The people rooted for them because they started out like the rest of us…sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I do not watch them as much as I used to because I am busy working on my own fortune. The Hodgetwins definitely inspired me.