Blogging Fears

Many people around the globe have a thought or concept they want to express to the world. With technology today, any random Joe Shmoe can get his opinion out to millions of people in a matter of minutes. The only hold back for most is fear. Fear that the world will actually respond can be paralyzing. Building a site and learning SEO language can cause frustration and confusion to the most brightest and most creative of people. And we all know that a fear driven, confused mind does absolutely nothing.

Most bloggers are viewed as either informative, thought-provoking creative writers or narcissistic, judgmental cyber bullies that hide behind a fictitious pen name to attack high-profile figures. I started a blog simply because I have a voice. Writing for a popular online publication, I loved that my articles were viewed by the masses and often went viral. My perspective on situations and people were entering into homes around the world for discussion. The frustration came when I submitted a piece and the editor(s) did not agree with my strong views, vetoing my work from seeing the light of day. Mysteriously, I would discover the next day that the editor had written his own piece opposing my views. The politics behind popular blogs is enough to make any writer put aside their fear and hire someone to build their site to start their own blog.

The beauty in blogging is stating just how you feel on any topic. You can be as extreme, politically incorrect, and raw as you want. There is no one to censor or edit your passionate views. However, words and phrases such as ‘allegedly’, ‘according to’, and ‘reportedly’ will save you from being sued by corporations and celebrities. Siting the source that provided the facts and figures you used in your blog will also save you from any unwanted lawsuits. So if the fear of being sued for defamation of character or slander is holding you back from expressing yourself, use your creativity, along with watching the news, to learn what words they use to keep the attorneys away.

I wrote an article in response to Oscar award-winning actress Mo’Nique’s public views on domestic violence. The actress went on television in defense of NFL football player Ray Rice and his wife Janay staying together to work out their problems. Rice was suspended from the Baltimore Ravens after a hotel video captured him punching his wife in the face unconscious and dragging her like road kill into the lobby. Janay made the decision to stand by her man while attacking the NFL for firing her husband. Mo’Nique encouraged Janay to stay with Rice because marriages go through hard times. Mo’Nique shared her own volatile relationships where she was punched, but also threw punches herself. I had to remind her that most women do not have her physical make-up to match a man’s strength during a physical fight. Body slamming a grown man for striking her, Mo’Nique’s imposing figure has saved her life during domestic situations. I felt it was dangerous for her to encourage women in abusive relationships to stick it out in hopes of the union getting better. Most women cannot flip their man over their shoulders rendering him helpless.

I expressed my views opposing Mo’Nique, but she did not appreciate it. The actress started a two-day Twitter war with me defending her stance on women sticking by their men in volatile relationships. I stuck to my guns urging women to not listen to her. Did fear ever set in as this superstar and her many supporters attacked me over social media throughout the night? A tad. But my belief in millions of women getting out of abusive relationships far outweighed my nervous stomach. I refused to back down. I was determined for my voice to be heard. I took snap shots of Mo’Nique’s tweets and wrote a second article on my blog in response to the Twitter war. I told her we will have to agree to disagree. She finally backed off, sending me a hug via cyberspace. She thanked me for the open dialogue and encouraged me to continue my platform.


Had I given into fear, Hollywood would not have gotten wind of my blog. Had I succumbed to being paralyzed by confusion and anxiety, my voice would not have reached thousands of women to find the courage to get out of an abusive marriage. A blog provides a platform. Though it may take time for your writing to be seen by the masses, if the story you have to tell is necessary, get over your fear and start impacting as many people as you can. Someone out there is going to relate and they need to hear a new perspective. Blogging speaks…