Basic Steps Towards Making Money from Blogging

Shot of a beautiful young woman using her laptop at a coffee shop

Blogs are everywhere and there is a ton of ways to make money off of them. There are steps that must be taken if you’re going to be a successful blogger or one whose just getting views from their selves and family members. Making a blog is one thing and having an engaging readership and following is another. There are a couple of things potential would be bloggers need to keep in mind before beginning their new blogging journey.

First Steps

The first step is to figure out what you want to blog about. Gone are the days where bloggers were few and far in between in the early days of the internet. If you want to stand out you have to figure out a sort of niche. No readers or prospective writing clients are going to care much for a personal blog if you’re in it for the money this is not the way to go. The first step is to write down a few things that interest you as a writer and pick one or two of them and before you begin developing a blog around them. For clarity’s sake lets say fitness is your passion and that is what you will first begin writing about.

Getting a Website

There are many free services out there and ones that come at a low annual cost to having your own domain name. When choosing a domain name make sure to pick a relevant name that sticks with whatever industry you will be writing about. WordPress is an excellent platform to use and you can either use their free hosting service or go ahead and use a provider host like Bluehost that is partnered with WordPress and makes the process much easier. Once you have this set up grab a theme for the site and go ahead to the next step, which is producing valuable content.

Producing Content

No one is going to go to an empty blog no matter how pretty the theme is or well designed the graphics are. People who seek out niche blogs are looking to learn something and as a blogger you have to supply that to the readers. Begin by posting regularly during the week about topics your fascinated about and aren’t covered anywhere else. Begin guest posting some of your ideas on other blogs in your area by pitching to the owners of the website. This will bring the readers back to your site.

Monetizing an Audience

After you’ve developed a site and begun a readership its up to you on how you’d like to make money. To put it simply you can make the money by ads or by providing a sort of service or product. Taking Personal training as an example you could produce an E-book on a set of workouts and sell that or begin affiliate marketing supplements and workout gear. There’s even the idea that you could sell online personal training or connect readers with similar services. The possibilities are endless in any area only confined to the scope of your imagination.