3 Reasons To Start Guest Posting Today

3 Reasons To Start Guest Posting Today

Guest posting is one of those things that’s great in concept but not always in practice. Sure it’s great to support a site you appreciate and you might even get bit of a bonus thrown your way, but it’s more work on top of your current load, usually about something related to but not exactly in your area of expertise. Guest posting is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a blogger, though. Here’s just a few reasons why.

Increase Your Audience

The biggest benefit by far in a way is the immediate increase in attention your byline receives. If you’ve got a legitimate offer before you, it will include both language stating that you will be acknowledged as the author of your content and something allowing you to link back to your own blog and content. Putting your name out there on a higher traffic site or even a site with a difference audience allows your message and content to reach beyond your normal readership. The fact is that most of them won’t become regulars on your site regardless of how good your guest post was, but a few of them will. They’ll get the word out about you, and from there your audience will start growing into a totally new segment that you may never have reached otherwise. A little bit of extra effort to make that guest post, then, can start to grow your reputation and readership for a long time to come.

Build Your Buzz

Linking back to you does more than allow new readers to find more of your content. It’s also great to up your search engine mojo. Back linking to your content makes your site easier to find on engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. This is something that can’t be done on your blog. Building your search engine recognizability is most efficiently done through getting your content out to as many other sites as possible. Guest posting is the easiest way to do that, and the more people for whom you write the occasional side piece, the more traction you’re going to get on your own through search engine results. Just be sure to spread the love when you guest post and link to your guest entry from your own blog.

Build A Network

You could have the best relationship with your readers, responding to every comment and listening to every request, but regardless of your readership you’d still only have a partial network without the support of other bloggers. Guest posting allows you to build a network of other bloggers in your field able to recommend your site to their readers. It also allows for better content for both you and your network. You can provide an expertise that they don’t have, filling in a content gap for their readers, and they can do the same for you. Besides, you never know when or where an offer may come in for more writing work. A good editor may bring you in for work beyond their personal blog if they like what you do.